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Helping the Elderly to reach out and see that God is present in their lives!

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The informal structure of this ministry for the elderly began when six (6) deacons said "YES" to serving the needs of independent, assisted and nursing facilities in the north county of St. Louis, MO. In the fall of 1999, these men began to hold communion services and to visit residents in these facilities. 

Today the Archdiocese of St. Louis recognizes the efforts put forth more than 10 years ago and now has assigned deacons to serve as new defined "Nursing Home Chaplains".  With the ordination of Deacon Dennis Barbero on June 6, 2009, the Office of the Diaconate, with the support of the Bishop, appointed him to the Northeast County Deanery to serve in the capacity of deacon to that deanery and it's twenty one (21) senior care facilities.  

 Mission Statement

Our outreach programs are designed to reach out to those seniors who may not have the ability or means to be mobile. By taking the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to these precious people, we are giving them the opportunity to hear the Word of God as well as providing fellowship and companionship.

Our ministry gives opportunities to step out of comfort zones to see that God is present and ready to do through us what we cannot do on our own.

We want them to know Jesus as a familiar friend by the time He comes to get them.


Ministry to senior adults is growing in importance considering their growing numbers. People age - 65 plus - number over 35 million representing one out of every 8 Americans. The number of older Americans (65+) has increased to 12.4% since 1990 (3.3 million). This number is expected to grow to 20% by 2030. This growing number of Americans is living longer than ever before. More than two hundred American reach age 100 each week.

One survey determined the following needs of seniors ranked according to importance:

  • Love and appreciation
  • Acknowledgement of usefulness and significance
  • Acceptance and respect as a viable group by the church body
  • Information and education regarding money, finances, wills and trust

 Guiding Principles of this Ministry

Prayer is the foundation of ministry.

Life is precious and anyone of any age is cherished.

God will open doors to do the impossible through us.

Who we are is more important than what we have or what we do.


 Contact Information                        

Contact Deacon Dennis Barbero via email at:

or call him at (314) 650-3300. Or click here.

To read an article in the St Louis Review about our work, click here. 

Alliance For Senior Ministry, Inc is a 501(3)c non-profit corporation. It exists to serve the elderly popluation. 
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